Reasons to Replace Sun-facing Window Panes with Low-E Glass

You might notice that rooms with sun-facing windows bake during the summer and the air conditioner struggles to cool the space. An ideal solution is to install Low-E glass panes in those windows. Consider the following reasons for such an upgrade.

Maintain a Cooler Home

When the sun shines, it emits ultraviolet and infrared rays, plus visible light that brightens the place. The infrared rays emit solar heat onto the glass, which absorbs the warmth. The windows then re-radiate the heat into the room. You can form a blockade to this process by installing Low-E panes, which have microscopic particles that reflect both the infrared and UV rays back outside. This coating lets the visible light rays through to brighten up your home. As a result, the rooms will be cooler and more comfortable, and the indoor temperature will be more even without hot patches directly before the windows. Additionally, your furnishings will be spared from fading under UV light, as the glass blocks that also. Low-E glass is most effective on windows that catch direct sunlight.

Enjoy Brighter Rooms

If you install Low-E glass, you can fling the blinds and curtains open to experience a beautiful sunny day. Otherwise, with standard glass panes, you may be compelled to draw them closed and darken your home to prevent it from baking. Thus, you won't be able to enjoy the mood-enhancing natural sunshine. In any case, without Low-E glass, even if you close shutters or curtains, the infrared rays are still heating the windowpane, and some of this warmth will force its way inside.

Save on Air Conditioning Costs

Air conditioning runs on electricity, and prices seem to be constantly escalating. One way to alleviate this problem is to make your home more energy-efficient so it doesn't require so much cooling. Low-E glass provides a way to do this, as cooler rooms will need less help. Conversely, with standard window panes, your air conditioner is fighting an ongoing battle. The heat is pushing its way through the glass, and the air conditioner is blasting cold air to cool it down. Low-E glass will stop the battle by preventing the heat from entering in the first place.

Thus, a Low-E glass replacement upgrade is well worth the effort. This glass helps create a cooler, more comfortable home in the summer without forcing you to darken the rooms by closing curtains and blinds. Plus, with a more energy-efficient home, you'll save on air conditioning costs. Reach out to a professional to discuss glass replacement for your home. 

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