Which Is Better for Pool Fencing: Glass or Tubular Metal?

Two popular pool-fencing types are glass and tubular metal. Both of these are safe, so it can be hard to decide which one to install. To help you pick the best option for your home, consider the following factors.


It's vital that pool fencing offers good visibility so that you can see into the area from other parts of your garden. You'll feel safer knowing that you can keep a watch on people swimming in the pool no matter what their age. Glass balustrades provide a clear view. They consist of panels that attach together, with minimal hardware to block the view. If you install clear rather than frosted glass, you'll be able to see through into the pool area easily.

Tubular metal barriers use a series of narrow railings, which do disturb the view somewhat. However, you can still plainly see through to the pool beyond — it's just that tubular metal is not as invisible as glass. Thus, either of these options will provide good visibility for your pool, but glass is the clearer of the two.


Another factor to consider when choosing pool fencing is the structure's decorative appeal. One of the main attributes of glass balustrades is the sheer and seamless look they evoke. They're invisible rather than decorative, but the crystal clear glass has a minimalist beauty.

Tubular metal fences are attractive in a different way. The repeated vertical railings provide visual interest. And you can include circles, scrolls, spearhead mouldings, and other flourishes within the railings. These elements typically sit around the fence's top section, so they don't disturb the visibility too much. In any case, you have a choice of straightforward or ornate designs. Thus, while glass balustrades are sleek and attractive, a tubular metal fence tends to be more decorative, especially when you add a feature gate.


Once you install a fence, you'll want it to withstand all the elements and retain its strength and appearance for many years. Both glass and tubular metal are durable and resilient. Glass balustrades typically use toughened panels, which are thick and unlikely to break. In the rare event that they do, they crumble into harmless cubes in any case.

Tubular metal is also extremely resilient, especially if it uses aluminium. While some steel varieties can rust, aluminium is naturally repellant, so it's ideal around a pool where any barrier will likely be splashed by water. Tubular metal fences are often powder coated in different colours, and this process covers the metal with an additional protective hard baked-on paint layer. Thus, both of these fence kinds are durable and well able to weather the elements, creating an attractive and safe boundary around your pool.

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