Advantages of Glass Shower Screens Over Shower Curtains

If you're considering whether to discard your shower curtain in favour of glass screens, you're probably wondering how you'll benefit. To find out, several advantages are listed below.

1. Invisibility Helps to Create a Spacious Bathroom

At first glance, you might not appreciate how your bathroom will benefit from a shower enclosure that can look as though it's not there. However, the invisibility of glass screens is what makes them ideal for decors. Transparent shower screens open up the bathroom so that it appears expansive, particularly when joined with minimal metal framing. Whether your bathroom is large or small, you'll enjoy an open and spacious feeling. 

Shower curtains, though, often in garish patterns and designs, draw attention to themselves and they block off the shower enclosure. They work as a room divider, which shrinks the open area and makes the bathroom feel smaller. In any case, which decorative feature would you prefer to highlight in your bathroom: a patterned plastic or polyester curtain, or a wall of stone or ornamental tiles behind a transparent glass screen?

2. Longer-lasting and Easier to Clean

A shower curtain attracts mould and mildew, and thus it's difficult to clean and maintain. If you substitute it periodically, the old curtain will probably clog up a landfill unless it's degradable. In contrast, a glass shower screen is easy to clean with a squeegee. Thus your shower will be more hygienic. Frameless models are the simplest to maintain, as they're without the channels and crevices of fully-framed showers. Glass screens use either laminated or toughened safety glass which is long-lasting and durable. 

3. More Effectively Contains Splashing Water

Glass panels neatly enclose the shower space and contain splashing water so that it doesn't spread across the bathroom floor to create a slipping hazard. Once the door is closed, the enclosure is effectively sealed. Shower curtains, however, are loose, can flap in the breeze created by a fan, and get sticky. Thus, they allow water to run out the sides, creating a less safe environment. 

An upgrade to glass screens will enhance your entire bathroom, creating a more spacious environment that allows beautiful stone and ceramic tiles to take centre stage, as opposed to printed curtains. Glass is more hygienic and easier to clean than throw-away curtains that collect mildew. Additionally, your bathroom will be safer with effectively sealed screens that contain water and prevent puddles that can cause an accident.

Learn more about your options by contacting glass shower screen contractors. 

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