Why Leadlight Doors Are Not Just For Period-Styled Homes

Trying to find a way to make the facade of your home stand out while not being overbearing can be a tricky tightrope to walk. Leadlight doors were more prominent in the past and, as such, have been unfairly seen as something you can only have on old buildings that are period-appropriate. However, leadlight doors are making a major comeback in popularity for several reasons. Here are three reasons why a leadlight door would look just as good on your modern home as it would have 200 years ago.

Elegant Light Solution

Australia is world-renowned for its beautiful sunshine, and many people underutilise this natural gift. Leadlight doors do not allow completely unfettered access of sunlight in, but instead, filter the light through thick and often stained glass. This means that your hallway or front room will be draped in beautiful sunlight for many hours each day, which is not only a welcome sight to come home to but also can help save on power in what would otherwise be a fairly dark and claustrophobic room. Wherever possible, you should take advantage of natural light, and leadlight doors offer you this opportunity.

Dozens Of Options 

Many people wrongly assume that once you have seen one leadlight door you have seen them all, but there are actually many different variations you can choose from. From the art-deco inspired pieces of the 1920s to retro-Californian styles of the 1970s, there are so much to choose from. Whether you want a lot of stained glass or just a little, bright colours or dull, muted tones, there are options galore when it comes to leadlight doors. Make sure that before you make a final decision on whether you want leadlight doors or not that you visit and see them in person because pictures really do not do them justice. 

Long-Lasting, Quality Craftsmanship

The reason why many period-appropriate leadlight doors have survived is because the craftsmanship involved is top-notch. Not only is the glass made especially strong and put in very robust frames, but often it is thick as well so that it does not bend or bow to the elements. If you want an artistic feature that doubles as a very practical entry to your home, then you will not find a better option. Many leadlight manufacturers also offer quite significant warranties, so always make sure to see how long you are covered for. 

Look for leadlight doors in stores near you. 

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