Understanding The Appeal Of Mirror Glass Splashbacks

Australian adults aged 20 to 29 spend, on average, about 5.3 hours a week cooking. This accounts for almost a full day of work. If you're spending that long in the kitchen, you must know that the most tedious part of cooking is generally the clean-up process that comes afterwards. The accumulations of grease, water, oil and food residue on the walls of your kitchen can be daunting to remove. Therefore, you will want a preventive option that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. This is where mirror glass splashbacks come in. As one of the most modern and sophisticated splashback options, mirror glass can increase the value of a home in a variety of ways.

Mirror Glass Splashbacks Reflect Views And Natural Light

Australian architecture often places the kitchen as the primary recipient of a home's natural light. This means that the kitchen will generally be facing an open, sunlit space, like a backyard, front street or side garden. The more you can maximise light reception in the kitchen; the more pleasant your cooking experience will be.

Mirror glass reflects light, magnifying the reverberation of natural light throughout the kitchen. It also, depending on its clarity and paint, reflects views visible through the sink window or other kitchen windows. A wide installation (generally lining an entire counter), will also expand the space by giving an impression of greater depth to the kitchen.

Mirror Glass Splashbacks Enhance The Appearance Of Fixtures And Open-Floor Plans

If you're looking to increase the market value of a new home, you have probably considered expensive fixtures to elevate the design of your house. However, research from the World Property Journal has found that an open-floor plan is the most coveted feature of a valuable modern home. Glass splashbacks increase the appeal of open-floor plans, by emphasising the outline of the kitchen and living area space.  

The sleek finishing of your new fixtures will also reflect on the splashback's glass, and this will provide your interior design with a luxurious feel. You can choose the hue of your toughened mirror splashback glass to influence the light tones of your space. Many popular mirror glass splashbacks have green undertones, which can cool richly coloured decors for a sophisticated edge.

A Finishing Word

Mirror glass splashbacks combine sleekness and operational efficiency. They will enlarge your space while maximising the light present in your kitchen. If you have an open floor-plan, installing a mirror glass splashback is an easy way to increase the market value of your home. If not, it still provides an impression of added depth by mirroring the views surrounding your kitchen.

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