The Applications of Modern Pool Windows

The current generation of pool windows are made from acrylics as well as glazing and are much stronger than they used to be. Whereas a pool window of yesteryear might have been little more than a porthole affording only a limited view of the activities in a pool, what is on offer today is much more expansive. The extremely durable materials used for pool viewing windows can even be used to make entire sides of pools visible to the outside world. How are such modern designs being used around the globe?

Luxury Pools

One of the main applications for the sort of pool windows that are possible nowadays is to create a luxurious feature of an existing pool. Numerous hotels and therapy centres will install glazing in their pool to make it seem limitless, something which is particularly effective if the pool in question affords a stunning vista to look over. When a large section of glazing is installed in a pool, it means that a sense of luxuriousness is instantly generated, both to pool users and those who are able to see into it. By contrast, resorts without them can now seem a little dated.

Swimming Techniques

Not being able to see swimmers clearly has long been a tricky issue for swimming coaches to overcome. Even in indoor pools, where there is less glare from the sun to deal with, it is only really possible to view the technique of a swimmer from overhead or to the side. With a pool window, on the other hand, coaches are able to see all of a swimmer's stroke method and to work on approaches that will improve it. Windows are of huge benefit to professional sports coaches but they are also good for teachers who are explaining the basics of swimming to youngsters.


When you have a pool window, it is much easier to photograph and video the activities of what is going on inside the pool. In the past, you had to have SCUBA diving equipment and underwater cameras to film inside a pool. With substantial windows at the side of a pool, even sweeping shots are not possible with a fraction of the expertise or cost. That is why such observation systems are so popular in aquaria as well as swimming pools, of course. Few filmmakers and TV producers would opt for any other way of doing things these days. When promoting a luxury pool at a resort, being able to film in this way has its obvious benefits, too.

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