4 Tips for Buying and Installing Frameless Shower Screens in Residential Bathrooms

A frameless shower enclosure can add style to your bathroom and increase the value of your house in case you decide to put it on the market. A frameless shower screen partitions a small section from the rest of the bathroom and makes it waterproof. Such enclosures, coupled with natural light, add the illusion of space; hence, the add-ons are ideal for small bathrooms. Here are some useful tips for buying and installing frameless shower screens for your residential bathroom.

What are Frameless Shower Screens?

Frameless shower screens are glass panels supported using minimalist hardware, such as headers and tracks. In a nutshell, the glass panels are not supported by a lot of framing because the framing might seem obtrusive. Most importantly, frameless shower enclosures enhance a sense of spaciousness.

Plumb Walls

Experts recommend that bathroom walls that intersect shower panels be plumb, or completely vertical, to prevent uneven joints and gaps. Such walls should line up straight with a glass panel without bowing in either direction. Also, the walls can cause water to leak from a shower or lead to hinge bound doors, where the doors cannot close properly. Besides, when walls are not perfectly straight, they can leave unsightly gaps that diminish the aesthetics and functionality of your shower.

Customised Shower Screens

Residential homes have different designs that require shower enclosures of varying sizes and designs to match the bathrooms. Before buying a shower screen, consult a contractor to assess the design and layout of your bathroom. Some of the considerations that a contractor looks at include shower angle, location of installation and space requirements, among others. One good thing about frameless shower enclosures is that most are custom built. Therefore, a homeowner is not limited to standard mass-produced options. A good rule of thumb is to measure twice and cut once. Taking measurements before ordering custom shower screens can keep costs low while reducing inconveniences and delays.

Ease of Cleaning

Frameless shower enclosures require a low maintenance regimen. The reason is that frameless glass is easy to clean because it is not impeded by framing material; consequently, you can access the entire glass with ease. Besides, the glass does not stain easily, thereby making it easy to remove dirt, such as wet spots and soap residue. You can either use homemade ingredients such as lemon juice and vinegar or commercial cleaners to remove dirt from frameless shower screens.  

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