Glass Replacement: DIY or Hire a Professional?

It is not uncommon for glass panes on windows or doors to break and require replacement. It can occur to anyone regardless of whether you are in a residential or commercial property. Know when to conduct DIY glass replacement work and when to leave it to a professional:


Glass is delicate and should only be handled by a person who has some skills and experience. With a tutorial or manual, someone that is handy can get away with doing some quality glass repair work. This is not, however, for all glass panes; the glass panes that can be considered safer to try to replace are standard small-sized glass panes located at low heights.

You can easily handle such glass panes because of their size and ease of installation. You just need to buy a replacement glass pane, clear and clean the replacement site of dirt and broken glass, place the new glass pane and apply a compound that needs to dry to hold the glass pane in place.

Professional Glass Replacement

If the glass pane that broke is stained, from a leadlight door or window, huge in size, located at a height or etc., leave such glass replacement work to a professional.

  • Stained Glass - You might not know where to get the exact stain of the broken glass, meaning you have a lot of research to do. Professional glass repair contractors might just need to look at the piece of glass and know exactly what type of stain it is and where to find it at a fair price.
  • Leadlight Glass - Leadlight doors and windows usually have lead cames. Lead can be poisonous if you breathe or consume it. If you know you do not have the right personal protective gear or you don't know how to cover the work area to protect other people from exposure, leave the work to a professional.
  • Huge Glass Panes - These require two or more people equipped with skills and experience to handle them. You might end up breaking the glass pane or even find it difficult to replace it because you can't figure out a way to safely handle the glass pane. You can also get easily injured as you struggle with the delicate glass pane.
  • Glass Panes Located At A Height - You might need safety equipment to get you up to the height required. Additionally, depending on the amount of work to be done, you might need to be two or three people at that height. If this already sounds like a challenge, contact a professional.

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