What To Do If You Crack Your Windscreen When Away From Home

Windscreens are a primary safety feature in most cars, and without one, driving would be nigh on impossible. The only thing more dangerous than driving without a windscreen is driving with a cracked windscreen, as if it breaks, it could seriously injure you or startle you into crashing. But what do you do if you need a windscreen replacement while you're on holiday or after you go for a long drive to work? Should you risk driving back with a cracked windscreen? Definitely not, and luckily there is a way you can get your windscreen replacement almost anywhere you need it. 

Mobile Windscreen Replacement

Windscreen replacement is a relatively simple procedure that does not require any bulky equipment which cannot be moved. Mobile windscreen replacement experts carry all the tools needed to perform a full windscreen replacement right there on the side of the road. That means if a bit of gravel or a bird happened to fly into your window and crack it, you could still get it fixed even if you were a hundred kilometres away from the mechanics. Many mechanical glaziers are starting to offer this service, and because of how vital windscreen safety is, it has taken hold in the public sphere in a big way. 

If It Is Just A Tiny Crack, Does It Still Need To Be Fixed?

The problem with small cracks is that on their own, they aren't very dangerous, but because of how much motion the car goes through, they will almost always get exponentially bigger in short order. A small crack at the beginning of the week can result in a shattered screen by Friday if you are lucky. However, there is good news about small cracks and scratches: they might not require the full windscreen to be replaced. Modern advancements in technology have led to methods that mean these cracks and scratches can be sealed and still be structurally stable going forward.

What If Your Windscreen Is Loose But Not Cracked?

If you hear your windscreen shaking or moving at all while driving, that is not a good sign. Windscreens are meant to be utterly stable throughout their whole operational life, and if yours is moving, that means one of two things:

It has come free from the sealant around it. This has a relatively quick fix, but you should stop driving immediately. 

You bought a car that has been in a car accident and not been adequately fixed. The body of the vehicle might still be fractionally out of line, and that is causing the windscreen not to fit properly.

In either case, you should stop driving right now and call for the experts. They will know how to get you back on the road as soon as possible. 

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