Top Considerations When Buying Glass Shower Screens For Residential Bathrooms

Glass shower screens add functionality and beauty to a bathroom, be it in a modern or conservative home. Many homeowners think that buying and installing a glass shower screen is a simple affair. However, you need to consider several factors, such as your budget, space availability, quality of material and glass thickness, among others. Here are some top considerations when buying and installing glass shower screens for residential homes. 

Glass Thickness 

Glass shower screens are not available in a one-size-fits-all option. Therefore, homeowners might be overwhelmed by the full range of glass types, sizes, thickness, and tints. Glass thickness is an integral factor to bear in mind when buying a shower screen. If you want a stationary glass panel, then a standard 1/2 –inch glass is ideal. For shower doors that swing open, opt for a thicker glass of at least 3/8 inch. If you install such a thick glass panel, you also need strong hinges to support the weight. Hire a professional glass installer to hinge the thick panel properly. 

Safety During Installation  

Glass is a very fragile element that can easily shatter, causing injuries. Therefore, never skimp on quality by going for cheap glass panels that can break or shatter easily. For this reason, thicker glass panels are desirable. You can ensure safety by hiring an experienced expert glass installer who not only chooses the right glass material but also gives your bathroom a professional touch. 

Bathroom Size 

The size of your bathroom will influence your budget and the type of glass materials to buy. Here, you might want to measure the shower space and surrounding area — whether you have installed a bathtub inside the shower space or not. Compact spaces require clear glass and frameless shower glass that eliminates the need for extra attachments. Moreover, bi-fold or sliding doors can save on space. Furthermore, when you install clear glass in a small bathroom space, more light penetrates the bathroom creating an illusion of more space. Homeowners with unlimited bathroom space should consider tinted or frosted glass. Besides, large spaces require frameless shower screens that have attachments. Lastly, hinged or pivoted doors are ideal for large bathrooms.

Consider Maintenance 

Before buying a glass shower screen, you must know the maintenance regimen that goes into it. Some types of glass require regular cleaning, which can be tasking for some homeowners. Ordinarily, limescale will settle on surfaces such as shower screens, causing an eyesore over time. Therefore, choose a glass coated with anti-limescale and anti-water mark treatment to save on maintenance. Such glass screens reduce the likelihood of spots and marks forming on the glass. 

To learn more about glass shower screens, reach out to a glass company near you. 

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