Top Mistakes People Make When Installing Glass Shower Screens

home decor today involves making every part of your house elegant and functional. One area that many homeowners take time to design is the bathroom. When you are planning your bathroom, you will wish to get functional enclosures. The doors you choose for your shower will enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. There is a chance that you end up making mistakes during the selection and installation process of your shower screen. These simple errors could cause losses for you. This article highlights some mistakes to avoid when installing glass shower screens. 

Creating a Space You Cannot Clean

A bathroom with a tiny space exposed to moisture is something to avoid. You will likely be tempted to have glass installed close to a tiled wall. That will create a small area that you cannot clean or dry. Thus, you are more likely to end up with a mould problem. Take the time to work with an expert who looks out for such issues. These experts should give you suggestions that will help you avoid these problems. They will ensure that you can clean and dry every part of your bathroom.

Following Wrong Measurements

You could take down the wrong measurements for the glass doors. With the incorrect measurements, the door will not fit well. Thus, you end up with a rattling shower screen. The slightest error in recording the measurements could ruin your whole project. That then leads to significant losses. Always ensure you know how to get the right sizes for your bathroom. Hiring a professional with the required skills will make things easier. 

Creating More Maintenance Than You Can Handle

Different shower glass screens have varying cleaning and maintenance needs. Before you choose any glass screen, find out how much cleaning and maintenance it needs. When looking at the different choices of shower doors, do not compare the styles alone. You need to understand how each material will impact how easy or hard it is to keep them clean. These aspects will ensure you get the material that you can easily maintain. The last thing you want is to end up with a shower screen that you cannot keep clean. 


Having a glass shower screen in your bathroom could make it look pleasing. However, improper installation could be a nightmare for you. You will not get to enjoy the bathroom as much as you should. Thus, you should get the right type of shower screen and have a professional install it in the right way.

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