Are glass splashbacks good for your kitchen?

A modern kitchen is incomplete without splashbacks as they protect the walls while cooking. Some opt to use wall tiles due to their creative designs while others opt for glass splashbacks. But with many trends shifting, it's reasonable that you would wonder if glass splashbacks are worth installing.

Here are the reasons why glass splashbacks are great for the kitchen:

i.    Gives the kitchen a spacious feel

Glass is known to reflect light, and thus having glass splashbacks installed in your kitchen would ensure that ample light is reflected giving the feel of a spacious kitchen. This would be great for a kitchen with small windows.

You wouldn't get the same effect if you were to install wall tiles or paint the walls.

ii.    Protects your kitchen walls

Cooking is always messy, regardless of how careful you are. There will always be grease or some stains on your walls every time you cook. Over time these stains become bigger, and the walls begin to look like a health hazard. Fortunately, you can protect your walls by installing glass splashbacks.

Unlike your bare walls, glass splashbacks are easier to clean as you only need a clean cloth and washing solution.

Glass splashbacks are also non-porous; thus, they don't provide a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, unlike tiles. They are very hygienic. Glass splashbacks rarely have joints, which gives them a free-flowing look that's easy to clean. The lack of crevices also inhibits the growth of mould.

iii.    Safe for your home

Glass splashbacks can be installed in the kitchen and even in the bathroom. They are completely safe, especially if you choose toughened glass. This is because toughened glass is up to 5x stronger than float glass and offers better resistance to temperature changes.  

If you install toughened glass, you're sure that it won't shatter due to sudden temperature changes. In case it breaks, the toughened glass shatters into tiny pieces which tend to be blunt; thus, they won't cause much damage.  

iv.    Tons of colour options to match your kitchen

Glass splashbacks have a wide range such that your options are only limited by your budget. They come in all colours and effects, and you can even personalise the designs. For example, you have splashbacks with photo effects or other creative designs.

You can also choose glass splashbacks in contrasting colours to those of your kitchen cupboards. You can also combine several designs, colours and effects instead of choosing one plain colour.

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